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Serum Q10 Anti-Oxidant Energy

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Coenzyme Q10 , an active ingredient produced by the body, reduces the depth of wrinkles in the skin. The SwissGetal Q10 Anti-Oxidant Serum Energy with the body's own active ingredient Coenzyme Q10, visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles in the skin when used regularly . The free radicals, which are largely responsible for skin aging, are absorbed and combated by the Q10 Serum Energy.

The combination with vitamins A and E is particularly effective, as they actively support this process, regenerating and vitalizing the skin and noticeably smoothing it .

Calluses are removed by the “keratolitic complex” and the surface of the skin is repaired and visibly smoothed. This complex also works against skin aging and wrinkle formation. Due to the above-mentioned excellent qualities of Coenzyme Q10, this product is essential in cosmetics.

Serum Q10 Anti-Oxidant Energy
Serum Q10 Anti-Oxidant Energy Sale priceCHF 86.00


  • Wrinkle reduction - 27.0%
  • Antioxidant protection + 20.0%
  • Light-induced skin calming + 27.0%

    Additional effect:
  • Skin soothing
  • Extra moisture
  • Antioxidant effect


Coenzyme Q10

Is an active ingredient produced by the body. Natural occurrence of Q6 – Q10: part of the inner membrane of the mitochondria. In the biological system, coenzyme Q10 has the function of an anti-oxidant. It also fights against free radicals and protects unsaturated fatty acids from the oxidation process that causes damage to cell membranes.

Ingredient 2

Regulates cell keratinization, protects, helps with sunburn, invigorates, gives the skin suppleness and youthful radiance

Ingredient 3

Natural moisturizer, reduces fine wrinkles, roughness and redness of the skin, fights
free radicals. Protection against UV-A and UV-B radiation. Regulates sebum production.