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Collaboration with cosmetic institutes and doctors

Collaboration with beauticians
and dermatologists


Professional facial cosmetics

Facial treatments are carried out daily in more than 50 cosmetic institutes across Switzerland using SwissGetal products.

Any major problem or skin condition can be addressed with SwissGetal treatment concept. The SwissGetal care products are checked and tested by experts during development.

We value the advice of our partners, beauticians and dermatologists and take your recommendations into account. All SwissGetal products can be integrated into individual treatments.

Further education and training

In our continuing education offerings and training courses, you will learn in-depth knowledge in the following areas:

  • Professional skin assessment, anamnesis,
  • In-depth specialist knowledge of Swiss cell cosmetics (SwissGetal and CellDermal products)
  • Safe and effective treatment procedures with mild chemical peels (CellDermal Cosmeceuticals), collagen threads and Jett Plasma
  • Effective treatment of major problems such as acne, deep wrinkles and pigmentation disorders.

Get in touch with us and find out more about our training courses and training dates.

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