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Oxygen Capsules

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Supply your skin with more oxygen. The SwissGetal Oxygen Capsules are a true fountain of youth for the skin. They create a velvety feeling of freshness by supplying the skin cells with targeted oxygen. The natural complexion appears balanced, the pores are visibly refined, fine lines are reduced and wrinkles are smoothed .

Effects: Tightens, firms and refines the complexion . Oxygen supplier for the skin's own cells, fights free radicals . Moisturizes and refreshes the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Oxygen Capsules
Oxygen Capsules Sale priceCHF 305.00


  • Anti-aging factor
    (oxygen conversion)
    + 39.0%
  • Anti-aging factor (collagen synthesis) + 83.0%
  • Anti-aging factor
    (Cell activity/growth)
    + 44.4%
  • Anti-pigmentation - 90.0%
  • Antioxidant protection + 40.0%
  • Protection against UVB radiation + 90.0%
  • Protection against UVA radiation + 31.5%


Vitamin C 3%

Ascorbic acid fights free radicals, anti-inflammatory, protects against UV-A and UV-B rays; Firms the skin tone, tightens and vitamin C 3% refines the pores. Oxygen supplier for the skin's own cells. It prevents the loss of oxygen in the cells by 80%, which combats skin aging and significantly improves its anti-oxidative effect.

Tocotrienol/Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant ingredient that is over 60% more potent than tocopherol. In addition, this active ingredient increases the efficiency of sun protection creams as it prevents the penetration or absorption of ultraviolet radiation. Studies from Japan have
additionally shown that tocotrienol, obtained from
Palm trees are excellent skin beautifiers.


Antioxidant, soothing, renews cell and hydrolipid film, moisturizes, and protects against sun damage.