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Cellular Skin Softening Exfoliator

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Cellular Skin Softening Exfoliator is a mild, fruit acid-based, enzymatic cream peeling that cleanses the skin in depth and optimally prepares it for subsequent care .

The organic fruit acids contained in lemon, passion fruit and pineapple not only clarify the skin, but also provide excellent moisture . Unwelcome keratinization is dissolved and the formation of new cells is stimulated . The ginkgo extract it contains also provides a soothing and antibacterial effect . Sweet almond oil helps eliminate impurities and unclog pores. Even the first application results in a pure, even and balanced complexion.

Cellular Skin Softening Exfoliator
Cellular Skin Softening Exfoliator Sale priceCHF 43.00


  • Loosens calluses
  • Cleanses the skin & pores
  • Moisturizes
  • PH = 3.80


AHA fruit acids

The mild organic AHA fruit acid extract
act at the level of the stratum corneum. Through
Their exfoliating activity removes excess AHA
Seborrhea to eliminate dead skin cells
and to resolve calluses. At the same time, AHA donates
Moisture and improves skin flexibility.

Fagus Sylvatica Extract

Obtained from the sprouts of Fagus Sylvatica
Extract is rich in peptides and enzymes, which...
Stimulates cell renewal.

Sacharide isomerates

Sacharide Isomerate is a highly effective moisture regulator that works in the driest conditions. It has a unique binding mechanism for deep skin hydration that won't wash off. In addition, it strengthens
the skin barrier function.

Mimosa bark extract

Builds up and regenerates, protects against the effects of the sun, as an after-sun balm it increases capillary resistance, stimulates microcirculation, combats
free radicals.