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Golden Collagenine Infusion Serum

SKU: GO-410
Sale priceCHF 198.00

With its innovative ingredients, the Golden Collagenine Serum is able to: Reduce wrinkles by up to 55% and moisturize the skin deeply . This results in a unique and luxurious Anti-aging effect and a refreshed complexion.

The Golden Collagenine Infusion Serum refines and beautifies your skin so that it shines with youthful freshness.

Golden Collagenine Infusion Serum
Golden Collagenine Infusion Serum Sale priceCHF 198.00


  • Wrinkle reduction - 55.0%
  • Anti-aging (collagen synthesis) + 57.0%
  • Moisture content of the skin
    (after 2 weeks)
    + 60.0%
  • Skin elasticity Significant
  • Duration of moisture retention 72 hours
  • Cell growth (RGR) + 80.0%
  • Booster effect
  • Calming


Golden collagenins

The Acetyl Heptapetide 9 is produced through a complex process
Process bound to the gold particles. This allows the peptides to be better transported into the skin, where they can then develop their effect. The active ingredient stimulates collagen and elastic
fibers, providing excellent anti-aging
effect can be achieved. After just 28 days, wrinkles are reduced by 55%.

Hyaluronic acid

The large molecular hyaluronic acid has a moisture-retaining effect on the skin surface. She protects
the acid mantle of the skin, acts as an anti-aging filler and is able to bind moisture in the skin.
It helps to store more moisture in the skin for a longer period of time, improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin soft and smooth.


Witch hazel has astringent, anti-inflammatory and tonic properties