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Eye Lash Maximizer Serum

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Sale priceCHF 59.00

The serum for maximum eyelash lengthening and volume promotion . The SwissGetal Eye-Elixir eyelash maximizer was developed to give your eyelashes a unique length and thickness. After 2 weeks you will see the intensive effect of the eyelash maximizer in the significantly lengthened eyelashes and the voluminous appearance.

Thanks to the specially designed formulation, it is not only effective, but also moisturizes the eyelashes to support healthy growth .

The blue color is created by the naturally occurring mineral malakite . This protects your eyelashes from free radicals .

With the highly effective ingredients of the SwissGetal eyelash maximizer , you can rely on an effective eyelash extension elixir with breathtaking results.

Eye Lash Maximizer Serum
Eye Lash Maximizer Serum Sale priceCHF 59.00


  • Eyelash density (after 2 weeks) + 25.0%
  • Eyelash density (after 28 days) + 66.0%
  • Eyelash length (after 2 weeks) + 25.0%
  • Eyelash length (after 28 days) + 66.0%
  • Anti-oxidative effect + 98.7%
  • Moisturizing + 21.0%
  • Anti-oxidative effect - 98.7%


Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17

The peptides stimulate the keratin genes, causing the
Eyelash growth and eyelash density significantly
be reinforced.

Sacharide isomerates

Is a highly effective humidifier based on
Carbohydrates, which are found in human skin


Mala'kite is a blue extract, one found in nature
occurring mineral malakite. It has antioxidants
properties and provides the skin with essential trace elements.