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Complex C Anti-Oxidant

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People pay attention to their nutritional habits - why not those of their skin?

SwissGetal Complex C Anti-Oxidant is an innovative, scientific development for the highly efficient absorption of vitamin C through the skin . It is known that vitamins are very important and effective substances for maintaining our health. We pay attention to our eating habits to ensure we get enough vitamins. However , only 1% of the vitamins we get from food are absorbed by the skin .

The most effective method used in Complex C AntiOxidant involves highly water-soluble vitamins, which - kept fresh in powder form - are added to a cream with a low pH value .

Complex C Anti-Oxidant
Complex C Anti-Oxidant Sale priceCHF 199.00


  • Wrinkle depth - 26.1%
  • Number of deep wrinkles - 49.9%
  • Antioxidant protection + 91.0%
  • Age spots / brightener - 45.0%

Additional effect:

  • Extra moisture
  • Works against impurities & acne


Vitamin C 5% ascorbic acid

Fights free radicals, anti-inflammatory,
protects against UV-A and UV-B rays, rebuilds sun-damaged skin. Plus, he’s for it
Known to promote collagen synthesis and thus fill in wrinkles. Age spots can also be minimized and acne prevented.

Chondrus crispus Irish moss

Carrageenan = red algae

High moisture retention,
contains vitamins C and E, reduces premature skin aging and aging spots

Hyaluronic acid

Strong moisture-retaining effect, supports the elasticity and tone of healthy skin.