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Collagen Lifting Mask Set

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The Collagen Lifting Mask Set specifically treats one of the most important components of our skin, the collagen fibers . Collagen fibers are the most abundant scleroproteins of connective tissue and make up 70% to 80% of the dry weight of the skin.

Collagen has a unique amino acid composition that, thanks to its three-dimensional structure, makes the dermis resistant and tonic . During aging, profound changes occur in the skin, with the dermis being the site of the most significant changes. The production of new collagen fibers (collagen synthesis by fibroblasts) decreases for two reasons:

  • A lower rate of fibroblast renewal with age.
  • Collagen becomes harder and increasingly loses its ability to bind large amounts of water, which is essential for the skin's turgor. As a result, the skin looks saggy and older.

The Collagen Lifting Mask Set addresses exactly this problem and supplies the skin with the ingredients that build up the collagen fibers and provide the skin with long-lasting moisture, thereby stopping the aging process and achieving soft skin.

Collagen Lifting Mask Set
Collagen Lifting Mask Set Sale priceCHF 299.00


  • Immediate tightening within 30 minutes + 7.7%
  • Immediate wrinkle reduction within 30 minutes - 14.1%
  • Instant smoothing effect + 8.1%


  • Anti-aging
    (stimulation of the fibroblisters)
    + 18.0%
  • Anti-aging (collagen synthesis) + 22.5%
  • Collagen density + 8.0%
  • Wrinkle reduction - 36.2%
  • Wrinkle depth - 15.0%
    Humidity + 59.0%
  • Anti-oxidative effect - 68.0%

Additional effect:

  • Stimulates and reduces symptoms of fatigue
  • Strengthens collagen fibers
  • Against couprose


Collagen Peptan Marine

It is a natural collagen peptide (hydolized collagen), which is obtained from the collagen of fish skin. It consists of 18 different amino acids, which have 3 functions:
Stage 1: Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts
Stage 2: Increases collagen synthesis
Level 3: Protects against oxidative stress.

Guarana extract

Guarana extract is a natural stimulant, extract contains natural caffeine, stimulates and
reduces signs of fatigue. Guarana also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Centella Asiatic Extract

The Centella Asiatica plant comes in most
tropical and subtropical countries. His
Properties are: calming, regenerating,
revitalizing, anti-inflammatory.