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Collagen Lifting Mask Set

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Sale priceCHF 449.00

The collagen lifting mask set specifically treats one of the most important components of our skin, the collagen fibers . Collagen fibers are the most abundant scleroproteins of connective tissue and make up 70% to 80% of the dry weight of the skin.

The Collagen Lifting Mask Set supplies the skin with the ingredients that build up the collagen fibers and provide the skin with long-lasting moisture which stops the aging process and achieves soft skin.

Collagen Lifting Mask Set
Collagen Lifting Mask Set Sale priceCHF 449.00


  • Immediate tightening within 30 minutes + 7.7%
  • Immediate wrinkle reduction within 30 minutes - 14.1%
  • Instant smoothing effect + 8.1%


  • Anti-aging
    (stimulation of the fibroblisters)
    + 18.0%
  • Anti-aging (collagen synthesis) + 22.5%
  • Collagen density + 8.0%
  • Wrinkle reduction - 36.2%
  • Wrinkle depth - 15.0%
    Humidity + 59.0%
  • Anti-oxidative effect - 68.0%

Additional effect:

  • Stimulates and reduces symptoms of fatigue
  • Strengthens collagen fibers
  • Against couprose


Collagen Peptan Marine

It is a natural collagen peptide (hydolized collagen), which is obtained from the collagen of fish skin. It consists of 18 different amino acids, which have 3 functions:
Stage 1: Stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts
Stage 2: Increases collagen synthesis
Level 3: Protects against oxidative stress.

Guarana extract

Guarana extract is a natural stimulant, extract contains natural caffeine, stimulates and
reduces signs of fatigue. Guarana also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Centella Asiatic Extract

The Centella Asiatica plant comes in most
tropical and subtropical countries. His
Properties are: calming, regenerating,
revitalizing, anti-inflammatory.