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Cellular Night Restoring Cream

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Cellular Night Restoring Cream is a nourishing, highly concentrated cream with an exclusive combination of active ingredients to improve the skin's appearance overnight.

During sleep, when cell metabolism increases, the carefully selected ingredients of the Cellular Night Restoring Cream unfold their potential constructive effect and restore the balance of the skin.

Regular use increases the suppleness of the skin and makes it softer and fresher.

Cellular Night Restoring Cream
Cellular Night Restoring Cream Sale priceCHF 132.00


  • Anti-aging factors
    (protein synthesis, collagen synthesis,
    oxygen conversion)
    + up to 71%
  • Skin moisture content + 30%

Wrinkle reduction + 60%


  • Strengthening of the tissue
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Nourishing
  • Regenerating


Fagus Sylvatica Extract

The extract obtained from the sprouts of Fagus Sylvatica is rich in amino acids, mineral salts and enzymes that stimulate cell renewal.

Nymphaea Alba (Lotus) extract

Nymphaea Alba (Lotus) stem cell extract stimulates the synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans. Regenerates the body's own stem cells and promotes their growth.


Natural moisturizer with long-term effects.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A improves the appearance of dryness
or damaged skin. It protects, revitalizes the skin and restores suppleness.