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Beautifying Eye Pads

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The immediately effective eye pads for one moisturized, refreshed and tightened eye area .

The optimal combination of fruit fiber eye pads, which are enriched with a highly active eye serum, specifically minimize problems in the eye region. The serum contains the immediate tightening Instensyl, with which the tightening begins noticeably after just 30 minutes and the Wrinkles visibly reduced become. Together with the three active moisturizing ingredients, the skin is moisturized both on the surface and from within. In combination, the formulation achieves an optimal booster effect. Within 30 minutes, the pads tighten the eye area and increase skin moisture and give you a radiant expression .

Beautifying Eye Pads
Beautifying Eye Pads Sale priceCHF 87.00



  • Immediate tightening within 30 minutes + 7.7%
  • Immediate wrinkle reduction within 30 minutes - 14.1%
  • Instant smoothing effect + 8.1%


  • Anti-aging (collagen synthesis) + 76.0%
  • Wrinkle reduction - 36.2%
  • Anti-oxidative effect - 68.0%


Hydrolyzed Manihot Extract

Cassava's unique 3-dimensional network
Glucans immediately forms a stretchy film on the surface of the skin, which achieves an immediate tension effect, smoothes skin imperfections while filling wrinkles and strengthening the tone.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid belongs to the glycosaminoglycan family. The body's own active ingredient forms a film on the surface of the skin and acts as a moisturizer, booster and firmer.


Mala'kite is a blue extract, one found in nature
occurring mineral malakite. It has antioxidants
properties and provides the skin with essential trace elements.