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Gold Line

Discover our products for young-looking skin

The Gold Line offers a luxurious, anti-aging treatment that is suitable for every skin type and its ingredients specifically target the skin
lets shine. The 24 carat gold and the selected peptides have unique antioxidant and cleansing functions. In addition, they are able to stimulate collagen synthesis, store moisture and thereby rejuvenate the skin.

Most important ingredients

Golden collagenins

The acetyl heptapetide 9 is bound to the gold particles using a complex process. This allows the peptides to be better transported into the skin, where they can then develop their effect. The active ingredient stimulates collagen and elastic fibers, which can achieve an excellent anti-aging effect. After just 28 days, wrinkles are reduced by 55%.


  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Anti-aging

Euglena gracilis extract

Polysaccharide is a synthetic product made from the cells of the algae and has a moisturizing effect. It activates the skin cell with energy (activation of ATP). This increases cell vitality so that tired-looking skin can be combated. The extract also increases the tone of the skin and tightens it.


  • The skin's moisture content is improved
  • Skin elasticity increased


Golden Collagenine Serum


Silky Gold Cream